Dry Scrubber

Product Description


The dry scrubber is designed to remove toxic, noxious or offensive fumes, carbon, and other acid mists from lab fume hoods. Designed especially for mounting directly onto our Modulab fume hood, it can also be fitted into ductwork or adapted to fit other manufacturer’s fume cupboards. This unit is capable of removing up to 98% of acid fumes before they enter the extaction system. Constructed of welded polypropylene, the unit is fitted with two pre-filters and two chemically impregnated carbon filter cartridges. These are easily and quickly accessible for maintenance and disposal through the sliding clear polycarbonate vision panel. Maintenance is paramount and the dry scrubber unit must be positioned such that it is easily accessible or filter maintenance and renewal.

Overall dimensions: 430 x 370 x 800mm (WxDxH)